Kamchatka - Rent of transport, the drop off and groups supporting.
Delivery of people and goods in Kamchatka. Organization and carrying out expeditions.

We provide for rent a transport prepared for extreme off-road with a professional driver, able to take you to any point of Kamchatka.

All our transport is provided by satellite and radio communications, as well as a satellite positioning system.

For experienced tourists, athletes, fishermen and lovers of rafting, who plan their own multi-day route, we are ready to offer delivery to the exit point on the route or the planned base camp setting site, as well as a meeting at the gathering place at a specified time. The transfer is carried out at any time of the year and under any weather conditions.

If necessary, it is possible to accompany the group along the route by car, as well as the services of a guide and a cooker on the tour.

We are also ready to offer cooperation to scientific organizations, mining and drilling companies for organizing and conducting expeditions in hard-to-reach places in Kamchatka.

The cost of transportation depends on the route and is calculated individually. 

The cost of renting a vehicle with a driver for several days:

- The price for a trip 2 days and longer is 25 000 rubles / day *

- The price of translator 5 000 rubles / day


* — Attention! The daily price is indicated on the condition of movement on the route no more than 8 hours per day, in other cases the price is calculated as a TRANSPORTATION and depends on the difficulty and distance.

 You can clarify the questions you are interested in: by contacting us by phone +7 914 022 0989, via the “Feedback” form in the “Contacts” menu, or via email info@adventures-tours.com


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