Kamchatka - Economy tour of Kamchatka on high-road transport

A multi-day economy tour of Kamchatka.
A multi-day economy tour of Kamchatka with climbing Mutnovsky, Gorely and Avachinsky volcanoes.

Time: Summer - Autumn

The price for the car - 25 000 rubles per day *

Economy tour will allow your group to climb the most popular volcanoes of Kamchatka. On a high-passable transport, they will take you as close as possible and comfortably to the point where the route enters. In addition to climbing, you can visit lava caves, swim in hot springs, see waterfalls, canyons, as well as an incredible amount of snow in summer.

The price includes transport, guide services, tents and everything necessary for cooking.


* - the price is per car per day (the maximum number of people in a group is 6)

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